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My Game Collection PREMIUM

Книги и справочники
Разработчик Eric Carboni
2 usd

The PREMIUM acts as a LICENSE KEY to unlock these features in the FREE version of My Game Collection. You need to have the Free version installed if you could check an app to know the games you own with the following restrictions:
* Metacritic of at least 80%* Only current-gen platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U* Only show Steam, Origin, or other digital games* How Long To Beat (HLTB) value of maximum 10h* Not started yet* No 'PS+' or 'Games With Gold' games
Or show the amiibo with following filter:* Only amiibo I don't own.* Only those that have already released* Super Smash Bros. & Yarn serie* Compatible with Mario Kart 8
Or even your Skylanders filtered:* Skylanders on my wishlist* Of the water type* Elite, Lightcore & Legendary* Compatible with Skylanders SuperChargers
These are only a fraction of the things that are easy to do with My Game Collection, the most advanced, most popular organizer/tracker for your video games, hardware, amiibo & Skylanders collection that uses the largest online database available for all platforms.
No matter if you are a collector, an enthousiast or just someone who likes games, you will have a use for My Game Collection.
Import your games from various sources: Steam, Playstation 3/4/Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, VGCollect, Android, Backloggery, Collectorz, PSDLE, Desura.
See the website for a good overview of what My Game Collection is capable of:
Track your collections & wishlist in style and quickly access your list (offline & online) via the extensive filters, sorting, grouping & shortcut features.
MGC brings a lot of data together from various sources, but still enables you to edit it, giving you complete control over your own collection. It does all this in beauty while presenting you with a very easy to use interface.
• Powerful, yet very easy to use• Keep track of who loaned what• Largest database available: games, hardware, amiibo (characters, cards), Skylanders (characters, cars, traps, items, adventures)• Import your games from various sources (Steam, Playstation, Xbox, VGCollect, ...)• Custom colors for labels to add to your games & hardware• Extensive filtering, grouping & sorting options• Choose what you want on the detail screens.• Lots of extra info is automatically downloaded for your collection.• Multiple views (list, grid, grouped)
• Backup/restore to local storage and/or Dropbox• Create a shortcut on your homescreen to a direct game/hardware detail or list filter.• Export your full list, or a custom selection to CSV• Share your game/hardware to twitter, hangouts, facebook, email, ...• All information can be edited, even information that was downloaded from the online database• Outgoing links to various search, info and video sources• Google Now Voice support. Example: Search for [Game Title] in My Game Collection• Choose images from Image Search, online database, local storage or a direct url.• Customize the main menu (left slide-out menu)• Passionate & responsive developer :)
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The FREE version will detect that you have this PREMIUM Unlock Key installed and will unlock all features &removes ads
• No ads• Dropbox support for backup/restore• Extra filters to use for your game collection• Unlimited wishlist size for games/hardware• Unlimited saved list filters (games/hardware)• Add a shortcut on your homescreen for saved list filters (games/hardware)• Extra settings• Access to Skylanders cars, traps, magic items & adventures• Access to amiibo cards• Hide 'GO PREMIUM' button